Vol.11 No.2 JUNE 2007


Improvement Effects of Galactosylsucrose Ingestionon Defecation of Senile Patients Living in the Nursing Facility

Kyoko OHIKE, ToshiharuMIYAI, Masanori AKIBA and MidoriYAMAMOTO

Effect of Dietary Fat Type by Dams and WeaningPups on Preferential Intake of High-Fat Diet with CelluIose Addedto Maintain

Same Energy Concentration as Low-Fay Diet

Examination for laxative effect and Safety ofsugar alcohol-containing chewing gum in healthy subjects

Tsuneyuki OKU, Mariko NAKAMURA, MichiruISHIGURO,
Kenichi TANABE, Yoshihiko YAMAGUCHI and Sadako NAKAMURA